Advice Service for Landlords

Landlords strive to provide tenants with a warm and healthy space for their tenants to live in, and this promotes a more stable tenancy with less problems. In fact, if the property is more energy efficient, warmer and free of damp and mould, your tenant should save money on their energy bills, helping them to better afford their rent and stay with you for longer. A better Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating is also attractive to new prospective tenants. An improved property means less maintenance when it comes to a tenant changeover.

However, it can be difficult to understand and negotiate the various regulations and statutory obligations which need to be met and making any changes is often anticipated as time-consuming, stressful and can be a real struggle to pay for the necessary improvements.

We can help by offering advice and support in:

  • helping you understand the regulations and statutory obligations as a landlord;
  • achieving an EPC rating of E or above on your property;
  • understanding Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES);
  • understanding Housing Health & Safety Rating Systems (HHSRS);
  • making cost-effective, low carbon improvements to your property;
  • securing any available funding;
  • moving to a low-carbon property, thus future-proofing your property to any new regulations.

For more complex energy related issues and advocacy support needs, we offer property visits to assess and advise on:

  • EPC ratings and recommended measures;
  • basic energy saving measures (e.g. LED lightbulbs, draught proofing, thermostats, radiator reflectors);
  • damp and mould;
  • the suitability of home improvements and energy saving measures;
  • room temperatures;
  • lodging EPC exemptions;
  • improving historic and listed buildings.

Our Landlord Liaison Officer can be contacted on or 0800 954 1956.

Frequently Asked Questions