Help Available to Householders

Information to help you find out about help available for householders, including eligibility criteria and how to apply, so you can decide upon the right help for your circumstances.




Saving energy and money

Information and advice on:

  • how to control your heating
  • preventing damp and mould
  • boiler flow settings and heating top tips
  • saving energy around the home and long term energy saving
  • saving money on your water bills
  • fire safety
  • staying informed during a power cut or if your water supply is interrupted
  • carbon monoxide awareness

Energy Tariffs

For information on the Energy Price Cap and should you stick or switch tariffs

Maximise your income

Information on Cost of Living Payments; Help in the Winter; Household Support Fund; find ways to maximise your income.

Park Home Residents

Cornwall has many Park Home communities, occupied by over 3,400 residents across the county. This is twice the average for the whole South West region.

Consumer Advice

For many households, the prospect of receiving a grant for energy efficient home improvements can be a vital lifeline in saving money and maintaining a healthy comfortable home, and there are a number of schemes available which can make all the difference.

Home Energy Health Check

Energy bills are one of your household’s biggest expenses, so it makes sense to take action now to protect yourself from the impact of future energy price rises.

Whether you’re considering renewable technologies, a new heating system or other energy efficient home improvements, making decisions on future investments in your property is much simpler with some impartial expert advice behind you.

Developing a plan to make improvements to your home is something we can help with. Our Home Energy Health Check service can provide advice and guidance on the steps you need to take and, depending on the complexity of your needs, this paid for service can be tailored to guide your decision making.