Net Zero Communities (NZCom)

Image for Net Zero CommunitiesAs part of their latest Net Zero Community Strategy, National Grid have produced a ‘How to’ guide to help community energy groups in educating, facilitating and acting on low carbon initiatives. The guide, written by Community Energy Plus, explains how homes, businesses, schools and others can all help to harness the power of local communities to drive net zero.

Produced as part of National Grid’s Network Innovation Allowance project VENICE (The Vulnerability and Energy Networks, Identification and Consumption Evaluation), the guide offers solutions for identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, at a time when many people are struggling to pay their bills and are at risk of, or experiencing, fuel poverty. The guide is a must-have for community energy groups wanting to understand the net zero challenges and access useful tips and ideas for community engagement. It also explores the different pathways available to community energy groups, as well as some of the technical solutions to achieving net zero and ways of modelling and measuring success. VENICE “uses innovation to identify fuel poverty issues and ensure no one is left behind in the smart energy transition.”

Liza Troshka, Innovation Engineer for National Grid said: “This guide has been written to assist community groups which are planning for net zero and want to identify and support the most vulnerable members of their community to embrace the transition. We recognise that many communities are at the start of their net zero journey and have a lot of questions about what to do next – which will have different solutions in different communities. Hopefully, this guide will help them to find some answers to these questions and take the next steps on their net zero journey.”