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Climate Change Committee reports UK government missing climate targets

The government’s Climate Change Committee have reported that the government has missed its targets on nearly all of its climate initiatives.

Established under the Climate Change Act 2008, the Climate Change Committee (CCC) is an independent, statutory body who’s purpose is to advise the UK government on preparing for and adapting to the impacts of climate change, including emissions targets and progresses in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In their latest progress report, the CCC found:

  • Not enough homes are receiving energy efficiency upgrades under the government’s Energy Company Obligation scheme (ECO).
  • Because the government has not yet implemented the Future Homes Standard, low-carbon heating and efficiency measures are not yet being fitted for new build properties and these measures will need to be retrofitted.
  • No decision will be made until 2026 on whether to use hydrogen for home heating – this leaves households and boiler companies without a clear way forward.
  • Transport emissions remain high, as the government has “made a political choice” to increase road traffic, rather than encouraging people to use public transport instead.
  • No clear direction has been given by the government to encourage people to change their high-carbon lifestyles.

For the full story, visit The Guardian’s environment article and the Climate Change Commission website.