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Home Upgrade Grant funding awarded to Cornwall Council to improve energy-efficiency rating of homes in rural Cornwall

We’re pleased to support our partner, Cornwall Council, in sourcing applicants who may benefit from a Home Upgrade Grant.

£20.7m government funding has been awarded to Cornwall Council from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) to reach residents in rural parts of Cornwall living in homes with low energy-efficiency ratings to make their homes “warmer, greener and cheaper to run” by funding improvements such as insulation and solar panels. These upgrades will be delivered by energy supplier OVO Energy.

You can apply for the Home Upgrade Grant if:

  • you are a homeowner or private tenant, and
  • you live in a rural area of Cornwall, and
  • have a household income of less than £31,000, and
  • your home has an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) between D and G.

Su Spence, managing director at Cornwall Housing, said: “The funding will be a great boost to our strategy in improving the quality of our homes so that all residents can live in a warm and low-cost property.  We look forward to working with OVO on this project but most importantly with our residents to roll out new and better ways of heating their homes”

Mat Moakes, chief commercial officer of OVO Energy said: “By working with leading local authorities and housing associations, we’ve unlocked a huge opportunity to create greener, more energy-efficient homes for those people who live in draughty homes and will benefit from lower energy bills. Now, more than ever, the projects are critical to supporting households during the cost-of-living crisis while also bringing down the carbon footprint of the home. We’re proud to be working with Cornwall Council helping to retrofit homes across the county.”

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